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Welcome to the Forword Error Correction Library !

At the insistence of my good friend, Edwin Peer, (and his assistant, Johnny), I've spent a few weeks designing and coding this open source encoder and decoder, and the project is currently at its first public release.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use this library, when others are more mature, or come with commercial support etc ? Firstly this library is very clean, making it very easy to maintain, port etc. There can't be many bugs left in the mere 500 lines of code. Secondly, this library is much more configurable.
  2. How does it work ? Click here for a lay man's description.
  3. Can I use this library to locate and correct communications errors ? No. This library cannot detect or correct data that has been changed. Rather look at projects like RSCode.

Downloads - also available with Source Forge Release


Contact information

Email : Nic Roets
Celphone : +27 83 765 9503